For the first time in the region Umniah partners with the renowned Truecaller

For the first time in the region Umniah partners with the renowned TruecallerIn support of its leading role in the telecommunications sector which focuses on serving its customers and allowing them to take full advantage of the most advanced smartphone applications, Umniah recently signed a partnership with Truecaller. The internationally acclaimed app has gained popularity in recent months with tens of millions of downloads reported worldwide.

Moreover, Umniah will be the first to contract with a company like Truecaller which provides a directory of international phone numbers and data on all incoming and outgoing unknown calls.

According to the recently signed contract, Umniah customers will be allowed to inquire about telephone numbers through the service whether they be national or international callers and without the need of smartphone. Subscribers candial the short code number *877# to send unlisted numbers and Truecallerwill respond with an automated message containing the caller’s identity obtained from Truecaller’s directory. 

The partnership is not the first of its kind for Umniah as it has contracted with other international app companies over the course of last year including Skype, Wikipedia, and WhatsApp offering tremendous benefits to Umniah customers. 

The CEO of Umniah, Ihab Hinnawi, said, “Umniah is keen on providing the best services and the most advanced online and smartphone platforms since they are leading the telecommunications industry into the future with strong dependency seen on such networks.” 

Umniah has praised the agreement with Truecaller because it allows subscribers to access an international database of cellular and landline numbers around the world helping them avoid the many problems they may face when receiving a call from an anonymous number. 

“We are very excited about this partnership, as it will enable more people to utilize the Truecaller service. We’re happy that Umniah recognizes thevalue we are creatingfor our users. We want to make your mobile environment smarter by allowing you to connect with who you want, when you want,“ says NamiZarringhalam, Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder at Truecaller.

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