GCC ICT Ministers and Officials hold a consultative meeting at the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference in Busan

GCC ICT Ministers and Officials hold a consultative meeting at the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference in BusanDuring the second day of the International Telecommunication Union Plenipotentiary Conference 2014 held in Busan, South Korea, the GCC groups held a coordination meeting for the Ministers of Communications and heads of delegation of their countries upon an invitation by the UAE and in coordination with the GCC Secretariat General. The meeting addressed a range of key topics listed in the conference agenda and issues of concern to the GCC six member countries, including the coordination efforts in the elections for positions including the Secretary General, Deputy Secretary-General, Directors of Sectors and members of the ITU Council and the Radio Regulation Board. The participants also reviewed documents submitted at the conference and discussed the member States views on the topics of these documents including Internet Protocol, Information Security, the sovereignty of the GCC states and other important topics.


The meeting started with a welcome speech by H.E. Mohamed Nasser Al Ghanim, Director General of the TRA, who led the discussions and stressed on the important issues of common concern especially the nominations for vacancies in the ITU due to their implications on the ITU scope of work and its strategies for the coming phase.


H.E.  Al Ghanim noted that 15 working papers from the GCC countries were prepared and submitted to the Arab Group at the last meeting held last September in the UAE where participants agreed to work towards a unified position of the GCC countries on these papers and topics in coordination with the Arab team in order to come up with shared Arab working papers supported by the GCC.


Commenting on the membership of the ITU Radio Regulation Board, Al Ghanim stressed on the importance of supporting GCC nominations for membership in the ITU Council including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, and Bahrain in addition to supporting the only Emirati candidate of the Gulf Cooperation Council Engineer Nasser Bin Hammad who received complete support by the participating GCC delegations. In addition, the meeting discussed a paper on empowering youth and their role in ICT, besides the UAE proposal on developing civil aircraft tracking resolution and accessing the Union documents by public.


“We have always worked  to coordinate efforts and positions with our brothers in the Gulf Cooperation Council, in order to protect our common interests and intensify our influence and efficiency in these global events thus contribute in the ITU’s general policies. These cooperation efforts reflect the key role played the six GCC countries on the global ICT stage. Our meeting today was an extremely crucial and fruitful milestone as we exchanged insights on various topics listed on the conference agenda and we agreed on a joint action plan for the coming days of the conference,” commented H.E. Mohamed Nasser Al Ghanim.


H.E. Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Al Amer, Chairman of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the Kingdom of Bahrain praised the outcomes of the meeting. “The cooperation between the GCC countries is not something new and didn’t happen all of a sudden. It is a continuous process being developed and enhanced at every significant milestones taking place within the telecommunications sector. It is also reflected clearly through the dedicated UAE efforts to host many important events of the ITU, as well as the efforts of the Kingdom of Bahrain and other Gulf countries in organizing, hosting and funding activities of the Union,” he said.


“The meeting comes in response to a common request by the GCC countries to coordinate their positions towards the topics listed on the conference agenda. The Secretariat is pleased to see GCC candidates occupying several positions in the conference structure, which reinforces the role of these countries in setting global ICT policies,” said H.E. Engineer Mahmoud Mubarak Sayyar, Director General of the Telecommunications Bureau of the GCC Secretariat General.

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