Governor of Bukha welcomes Nawras Goodwill Journey to Musandam

Nawras Goodwill Journey reached its northernmost point on Monday and arrived at Khasab in the Musandam region to continue its caring mission.  After travelling around 600 kilometres since their departure from Muscat, the team arrived to receive a warm welcome at a reception held under the auspicious of the Governor of Bukha, Shaikh Saif bin Abdullah al Maamari at the Bhuka branch of the Oman Women’s Association (OWA).

During a lively event, kindergarten pupils dressed in colourful traditional dress set the scene with rousing folk-songs and engaging dances.  Activities and games were organised by the Nawras Goodwill Journey team and accompanying scouts and guides, much to the delight of the children.

Speeches were made by OWA staff member Fatma bint Ahmed al Shuhi, and Shaikh Mohammed Mansour on the importance of giving, especially during this blessed Holy Month of Ramadhan. They praised the noble endeavour of the Nawras Goodwill Journeys, adding that this seventh journey is very much appreciated by the people of Bukha and OWA.  It was noted that the Prophet (peace be upon him) exhorted his followers to give more during the Holy Month, a month of giving and thoughtfulness.

The competition prize-winners were presented with their prizes by the chief guest, in the presence of Aisha Ahmed al Shuhi, Chairwoman of OWA, Bukha and Khalid bin Ali al Zadjali, Protocol and Events Manager and leader of the Nawras GWJ.

As with their earlier visits to the other OWA’s, the Nawras team presented the Bukha branch with various items and goods aligned to their needs.  The list included computers, furniture, washing machines, sewing machines and air conditioners as well as toys handed out to all the children.

The caring Nawras Goodwill Journey proceeds to Ibri and Izki before returning back to Muscat on Wednesday. The main focus of this year’s journey is to help less advantaged children and to help in giving unemployed women the chance to take up new skills by giving them tools like sewing machines and refrigerators that allow them to contribute to the community by establishing new business opportunities.

This is the seventh year in succession that Nawras has undertaken its Goodwill Journey as part of a comprehensive corporate social responsibility programme.  Annually and with caring hearts, the fasting volunteers travel thousands of kilometres during the Holy Month of Ramadan with the aim of making lives a little easier for those who are in need of help.  Nawras also takes time to understand and offer support to the numerous people whose roles are involved in charitable programmes year round.

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