Hacker rewarded by Microsoft

Hacker rewarded by MicrosoftMicrosoft paid US $100, 000, to the Australian “White Hat” hacker James Forshaw who found the security flaws in the software.  The bounty awarded by the Microsoft is the largest paid till this date.

Microsoft started the bounty program four months back, the idea in the backdrop was to identify the possible sophisticated attacks and find the remedies for such problems.

Forshaw is among the many “white hat” hackers who hack for good and get rewarded for their efforts. Companies such as Apple and Facebook have hall of fame pages on their websites to recognize hackers, and some companies even pay them.

Forshaw, who is currently travelling to attend a security conference, earned another $US9400 for identifying security bugs in a preview release of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 11 browser, Katie Missouri’s, senior security strategist with Microsoft Security Response Centre, said in a blog post.

Forshaw has been credited with identifying several dozen software security bugs. He was awarded a large bounty from Hewlett-Packard for identifying a way to “pwn”, or take ownership of, Oracle’s Java software in a high-profile contest known as Pwn2Own pronounced “pown to own.

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