Huawei highlights ‘customer experience’ as the key focus for next generation ICT Services at Zain Technology Conference 2013

Huawei highlights ‘customer experience’ as the key focus for next generation ICT Services at Zain Technology Conference 2013As further investments are put behind intelligent information networks across the Middle East, Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, partnered with Zain Group, a pioneer mobile telecommunications provider in MENA, to identify the foremost technology innovations planned for the year ahead which aim to deliver an enhanced customer experience to subscribers across the region. Such discussions took center stage at this week’s annual Zain Technology Conference 2013 held at the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai, UAE, from December 1 – 3.

Welcoming a host of global and regional telecom experts, Huawei put forward an expanded agenda of keynote sessions during this year’s conference. With a key focus on the importance of Customer Experience Management as the emerging theme for the ICT industry, the sessions emphasized high-quality mobile broadband infrastructure, modern business-enabling IT systems and the monetizing of customer experience as the way forward for telecom operators. Investigating recent advancements within the areas of 4G mobile broadband, telecom Business Support Systems (BSS) and Smart City solutions, the conference also highlighted several new convergence strategies for aligning voice, video & data services for subscribers.

“The world of telecommunications and network technologies is a constantly evolving one and at the heart of this evolution today is the customer experience, with new innovations being geared dramatically towards adding value to the user experience—whether individuals or businesses,” comments Mr. Shi Yaohong, President of Huawei Middle East. “As we transition into the Internet of Things, it is the networked readiness of telecom operators that will serve as a core differentiator moving forward. Along with continued investment on broadband network technologies and IT infrastructure, emphasis also needs to be laid on customer experience research and solution development to make future IT systems truly ‘customer experience centric’.”

“The strategic partnership between Zain and Huawei is a fantastic example of collaboration for customer experience enhancement, with this year’s Zain Technology Conference opening up new avenues for true cross-industry collaboration,” adds Yaohong.

Following the success of the 2012 edition, this year’s Zain Technology Conference was convened with the goal of bringing together Zain’s global technology partners to outline their latest services in the telecommunications field with all Zain operating companies while at the same time recognizing opportunities of mutual interest between Zain’s numerous suppliers and service providers.

The Middle East is one of the fastest growing regions for the global telecommunications sector with spending on IT infrastructure in the Middle East is predicted to jump to over $192 billion in 2013[1], with Saudi Arabia being seen as one of the dominant players.

“The 2013 Zain Technology Event is a platform for all of Zain’s management and partners to exchange telecom expertise, tools and technologies. It is an ideal opportunity to future-proof Zain through familiarizing ourselves with the latest technologies and solutions from our communication service providers and network partners, who are all working towards the same goal of operational success and customer satisfaction,” says Mr. Scott Gegenheimer, Chief Executive Officer of Zain Group.

Huawei and Zain have a long history of collaboration in the Middle East across a wide range of telecommunication services. Since 2010 Huawei has been a steadfast partner in the rollout of mobile broadband for Zain including recent the plans to launch a commercial LTE-Advanced network in Kuwait. Earlier this year the two ICT leaders also announced plans to launch a first of its kind Joint Innovation Center.

Zain was also one of the pioneers in the Middle East to invest considerable human resources and capital in developing enterprise business solutions such as IT data centers that support government and organizational customers in their day-to-day operations.

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