Huawei powers up operations with IT Upgrade for Oman Electricity Transmission Company

Huawei powers up operations with IT Upgrade for Oman Electricity Transmission CompanyIn its efforts to power the future growth of the Omani economy,the Oman Electricity Transmission Company (OETC) has announced the completion of an advanced IT project done in partnership with Huawei, a leading global ICT solutions provider, and Value Added Partner, Mustafa Sultan Enterprises, to enhance collaboration between its offices and provide a foundation for a more reliable and secure communications network.

Since the privatization of the electricity sector in Oman, OETC has been one of the largest electricity companies in the Sultanate with its transmission processes organized through various branches and plants across the country. In particular, OETC has recently expanded operations in both the far north and far south of the Sultanate. It had proven crucial that all of these stations required a reliable data center IT system that could manage critical data transfers and link the power company’s branch offices with its headquarters in Muscat. OETC selected Huawei’s Modular Data Center solution to upgrade and expand its ICT facilities with a mission to enable more agile business operations.

“We recognize that the best way to serve our customers means having in place solid and reliable data centers that could improve operational efficiency, protects mission critical systems and supports our growing business of national power distribution,” notes Saif Albadi, Head of Network Administration, Information Technology at Oman Electricity Transmissions Company. “Huawei and Mustafa Sultan Enterprises were the perfect partners for this deployment offering an innovative technology solution that is able to serve the current and future requirements of our business.”

“Creating a unified management and operation systems is key in today’s fast-paced business environment,” adds Peng Zhi Feng, Regional Channel Director Huawei, Enterprise Middle East “In the case of OETC, the use of advanced modular data center solutions allow for remote monitoring for OETC’s IT team without having to physically commute to each location; an IT-related matter that could take up to two days to resolve risks impacting services that we are providing to our end-users. With the data center upgrade however, IT matters can be instantly notified to the IT team at headquarters who can then provide an immediate solution.”

The use of Huawei modular data center solutions makes it possible for OETC to now run more efficient IT operations that are easily managed from a single central location. Previously the ICT team would have to travel each week to individual office sites for maintenance, taking up substantial time to commute between sites. The new upgrade has opened up greater communication between OETC’s different office locations where they are now able to sync up seamlessly with the headquarters. The scale of OETC’s operations spans across the country and the implementation has successfully upgraded its existing IT infrastructure without interruption to its daily business operations.

With the ability to be rapidly deployed in nearly any physical environment, the all-in-one modular data centers have also given OETC the capacity to quickly scale up its IT capabilities anytime in the future without having to acquire additional office space. The energy-efficient nature of the new data centers further means that OETC will be able to realize significant IT cost savings in the coming years.

Based on the latest successful deployment, plans are already underway to further expand the national power company’s network infrastructure.

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