Huawei taps into Middle East cloud computing market growth

Huawei, a specialist in providing next-generation telecommunications network solutions for operators around the world, showcased its cloud computing strategy and end-to-end solutions for telecommunications operators and enterprises at the 3rd Cloud Computing Summit in Abu Dhabi.

Huawei is the Diamond Sponsor of this important annual event. The summit is focused on helping executives understand the business impact of cloud computing now and in the future and keep them updated on trends in the industry.

Recent IDC cloud research shows that revenue from public IT cloud services will reach $55.5bn in 2014. This rapid growth rate is over five times the projected growth for traditional IT products. To allow telecom operators and enterprises to access this exciting new market, Huawei has created a cloud computing solution that, in concert with a world-wide partner network, provides unique end-to-end solutions. These cloud solutions open up a new world of solutions for users everywhere.

Speaking at the summit, Ronald Raffensperger, Director, Cloud Computing Marketing, Huawei Technologies, said, “Cloud computing will play a very important role in reshaping the computing and Internet landscape. By allowing breakthroughs in existing service and business models, cloud computing will inevitably expand its role as a backbone for IT services. As a revolutionary concept, its technological realization is set to change the way people work and live.”

The explosive growth of information and applications to access information anywhere anytime is driving the need for cloud services. Cloud computing is reshaping the Internet landscape, creating new opportunities for suppliers and driving changes in traditional IT offerings. As organizations in the Middle East look at cloud computing as a cost effective solution, Huawei is focused on providing them with an efficient yet scalable platform that can facilitate common business productivity applications online in an open, non-proprietary fashion.

“Leveraging on our proven leadership within the telecom industry, we are poised to bring the telecom-class Cloud Computing solutions to operators and enterprises,” added Mr. Raffensperger.

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