Huawei unveils 40G PON prototype

Huawei has launched its 40G PON prototype. The 40G PON system was jointly tested and certified by Huawei and the China Telecom Beijing Research Institute. The system uses wavelength division multiplexing technology that allows a 40 Gbps downstream transmission rate and a 10 Gbps upstream rate, with no change to legacy GPON/XGPON optical distribution networks (ODN). The system also supports a 1:512 optical splitting ratio and a transmission reach of 20 kilometres. Huawei’s 40G PON system will enable telecommunication operators to integrate future upgrade and evolution initiatives with existing GPON deployment plans. Huawei’s 40G PON system is compliant with existing GPON and XGPON systems and its transmission convergence layer maximally uses existing GPON and XGPON structures.

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