IN Media ships IPTV software and tablet PCs worldwide

IN Media Corp announced it has started shipping volume units of its Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) Software and Tablet PCs worldwide. The company also announced the acquisition of the rights to 2,000 Hollywood Films that will be included in future product shipments.

“We are excited to be entering the revenue generation phase with the completion of our hardware and software technology,” said Nick Karnik, CEO of IN Media, in a statement. “As we continue our product roll-outs we are now focusing on establishing partnerships with major Telcos, as we continue developing the distribution and retail channels for our products.”

The company’s Tablet PCs have unlimited access to a vast library of Hollywood content. The acquisition of Hollywood Film rights assists IN Media to offer its consumers movies instantly. Consumers can access movies using the 3G network module built into the Tablet, eliminating the need, expense and availability of accessing Wi-Fi networks.

IN Media, an integrator of IPTV services, products and content for major platform and service providers, also integrated their Tablet PCs with the capability of using both CDMA and 3G GSM Modules for data accessing. These announcements are part of the company’s vision to offer technologically robust products for worldwide use.

The company provides a combination of products and services: set-top box hardware and software services, manufacturing of the set-top boxes, library of content and content aggregation for platform providers to implement an all-in-one solution for IPTV services.
Recently, IN Media launched its interactive High Definition Kiosk based on IPTV technology. The kiosks will feature cost effective solutions along with graphics and video support. It will also offer interactive touch screen for consumers to initiate content searches and make purchases via the cloud.

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