In presence of H.E the Minister of Communications in Kuwait SAMENA Council held the Regulatory Summit in partnership with VIVA Kuwait

SAMENA Council held the Regulatory Summit in partnership with VIVA KuwaitThe South Asia, Middle East, North Africa region’s SAMENA Telecommunication Council in partnership with VIVA Kuwait, held its Regulatory Summit in presence of His Excellency, Mr. Issa Al Kandari – the Minister of Communications in Kuwait. The summit took place at The Regency Hotel Kuwait and was attended by a variety of panels, media and telecommunication industry stakeholders.

Leading telecommunication companies from Kuwait met to discuss Regulation 4.0 which held a main theme of “Toward a Healthy Sustainable Regulatory Environment for All Stakeholders”. The discussed issues included: regulatory trends and case studies from the SAMENA region; efficient implementation of policy and regulatory frameworks digitization; opportunity to foster growth; public and private sectors partnership and an approach to accelerate broadband development. The key aspect of Regulation 4.0, therefore, is a more dynamic regulatory framework which is based on creating a more flexible environment; promoting an integrated market; granting access and designing clear net neutrality rules; shifting the focus of national regulators towards new challenges (such as quality monitoring); establishing dynamic efficiency as the center-pieces of regulatory policies; strengthening technological neutrality as a basic principle.

His Excellency, Issa Al Kandari the Minister of Communications said, “There is an urgent need to create a true solid partnership between the public and private sector as the private one has improved its major and important role in providing a quality services especially in what concerns telecommunication technologies” he added: “The Government strives to provide an attractive environment to encourage investments in the telecommunication industry as being one of the fundamental basis that indicates the level of technology and development any country obtains”.

The CEO of SAMENA Council, Mr. Bocar BA, said “SAMENA region is a great market for the telecommunication industry where there are many opportunities for development but yet there are still many challenges.  The summit’s main goal is to find new approaches, which improve investment activities and provide more flexibility while maintaining and even fostering competition.”

VIVA’s Chief Executive Officer Eng. Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Badran, said: “This event aims to develop the communication industry in the SAMENA region. It has been proven worldwide that a proactive regulatory environment is essential for the growth of information & communication technology and its applications, and for the development of an information society in any country.”

The successful Kuwait Regulatory Summit will have been one of the key stepping stones in the development of telecommunication and the progress of Kuwait.

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