In response to widespread demand, STC Introduces “Invision” to customers in nine more regions of the Kingdom

Building on its outstanding record of success in responding to customer needs, STC has strategically expanded its Invision interactive television service to cover nine more cities across the Kingdom including Makkah Al Mukkaramah, Al Madinah Al Munawarrah, Abha, Buraidah, Onaiza, Jizan, Taif ,Jubail and Al Ihsaa.  Previously Invision was available only in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam.

STC stated that providing these new regions with Invision interactive TV confirms the Company’s role as the national leader in bringing advanced telecommunications and information technology to the Kingdom.

Invision utilizes interactive technology to provide high definition via Internet connection with high speeds up to 20 Mb per second plus free calls to land line numbers in the Kingdom, all on one bill.

With the Invision service, STC’s Afaq DSL Shamil customers can enjoy visual content through satellite TV channels featuring sports, cultural and documentary programs and videos on the TV screen.

The service is unique in that it offers exclusive viewing of paid TV categories including Al Majd, Al Jazeera Sports and Abu Dhabi Sports with high quality images thanks to the Invision device that eliminates the need for other receivers, dishes or even extensions.

In addition to the most important sports events such as the Premier League, Spanish and Italian leagues, Invision provides comprehensive coverage of events and developments in countries across the region, as well as cultural subjects, documentary films and many programs that are popular favorites.
Among the many unique benefits, the service enables customers to pause a program and continue viewing it later on, watch re-runs, and record programs to watch at any time. Invision also serves as a video on demand library from which religious programs, documentaries and famous movies can be downloaded and viewed as required.

Invision has achieved unprecedented success in changing the concept of television viewing in Saudi households and the unique benefits enjoyed by customers ensure that the service continues to register a high rate of growth.

Customers can request Invision service by calling the Customer Care Center on 907 or by visiting any STC Customer Service Office. Alternatively Invision can be requested by visiting the Khadamati portal at or by sending a text message including 4040 to 907.

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