INET Islamabad: Building a Digital Economy in Pakistan through a Sustainable ICT Agenda

"INET Islamabad: Building a Digital Economy in Pakistan through a Sustainable ICT Agenda"

INET Islamabad will be host to over 250 participants from government, Internet service providers and mobile operators, academe, financial institutions, information and communication technologies (ICT) entrepreneurs, the private sector, and the general public. Central to the forum’s theme, “Towards a Digital Economy in Pakistan: Building ICT Agenda for Sustainable Development” will be discussions on topics highly relevant to Pakistanin helping achieve this goal.

Organized by Internet Society Asia-Pacific Bureau in partnership with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and supported by Telecommunication Industry of Pakistan, the two-day conference will feature both international and national subject matter experts with broad experience, globally and nationally, in ICT, policymaking and development.  Some of the key topics that will be taken up in the conference are:

  • Infrastructure and Connectivity for Sustainable Development
  • e-Gov Architecture, Standards, Interoperability and Implementation
  • Building Trust in Cyberspace
  • Growth of ICT Industry
  • Digital Financial Inclusion
  • Towards a Digital Economy

INET Islamabad will also feature a high-level ‘Telecommunication C Level’ meeting scheduled on 16 November to deliberate on to deliberate on role of ICT sector and services to achieve development goals envisioned by Government of Pakistan through its “Vision 2025″.

Rajnesh Singh, Regional Bureau Director for Asia-Pacific at the Internet Society, says: “Pakistan now stands at the cusp of breaking into a digital economy and needs to make informed choices in fostering an environment that can use the Internet and Internet-based technologies to help drive socio-economic opportunities for all.We look forward to contributing to this process through INET Islamabad.”

Dr. Syed Ismail Shah, Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority said: “By hosting the INET Islamabad we aim to display our commitment towards the mutual objective of promoting healthy debate for the betterment of Internet and allied services in Pakistan. Pakistan has recently shown tremendous growth potential in broadband services and economy has already started getting benefit of this growth. The  goal of this conference is to get the local community acquainted with the  internet  challenges  and  how  to  be  engaged  with addressing these challenges. We hope this conference will encourage and contribute towards the awareness and let the participants share opinions and insights regarding the current initiatives.”

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