Inmarsat to Launch SwiftBroadband Safety Services in 2013

Inmarsat is introducing oceanic safety communications on its SwiftBroadband aeronautical services in 2013, the MSS operator announced June 16.

The aeronautical service rollout follows the successful launch of the Alphasat satellite and will enable SwiftBroadband to support oceanic safety communications, cockpit and operational communications, and cabin connectivity in a single installation. Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband 200 variant also will offer the safety services.

In a statement, Inmarsat Director of Aeronautical Services David Coiley said that the SwiftBroadband services will be offered at a lower cost and that an aggressive development program is now underway to prepare for its launch.

“Introducing oceanic safety services on SwiftBroadband will provide an opportunity for steep changes to the functionality and economics of satellite-based operational and safety data communications. We expect end-user prices for ACARS messaging on SwiftBroadband to be at least one-third lower than equivalent tariffs on our Classic aero services,” Coiley said.

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