Intel Pakistan year in review: Intel’s new tech to make computing easier

Intel Pakistan will continue its commitment to consumers to make computing easier, faster and more engaging with the company’s planned 4th General Intel(r) Core(tm) processor family that is expected to reach consumers in 2013, “Naveed Siraj, Country Manager, Intel Pakistan said, here on Wednesday.

Reviewing the Intel Pakistan Year, Siraj said, “Technology companies and manufacturers will need to tap into the psyche of Asian consumers and respond with relevant and desirable products, now more than ever. Consumers will be inundated with mobile device options. A range of screen sizes, processing power and weights will enter the market in 2013 and manufacturers will rely on consumers’ choices to identify the most popular devices for future production, he added. Highlighting achievements of Intel Pakistan, Siraj said 2012 was an exciting year for Intel in the Asia Pacific region. Technology innovation from the region made possible devices with an immersive and personal computing experience.

Intel is proud to be a driving force behind this innovation. Creating and extending computing technology to connect and enrich lives has been Intel’s company vision. He said this year Intel made a leap forward by delivering next generation processors that changed the way people use and interact with computing technology from interactive signs, smart cars to smartphones, tablets, Ultrabooks(tm) and servers.