Intelsat launches New Dawn satellite for African customers

Satellite operator Intelsat has launched its New Dawn satellite through launch providers Arianespace. The Intelsat New Dawn satellite is owned by a joint venture between a consortium led by Convergence Partners and Intelsat. The satellite’s 28 C-band and 24 Ku-band 36 MHz transponder units are designed specifically to supply communications infrastructure for African customers. Operating from a geostationary orbital slot at 32.8 degrees east, Intelsat New Dawn will be positioned to serve Africa through a payload optimised to deliver capacity for voice, mobile backhaul, fixed line and wireless infrastructure, broadband and media. Intelsat New Dawn is the first of eight satellites slated for launch over the next two years. The investment programme is expected to provide enhanced high-powered capacity to Intelsat’s global fleet. Intelsat’s next launch is expected to be the Intelsat 18 satellite, slated for later in this year.

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