IPTV a potentially disruptive technology in Australia

IPTV is slowly gaining momentum in Australia and it has the potential to completely change the way the broadcast industry operates there, according to Philip Cronin, Intel’s managing director for Australia and New Zealand.

Speaking at an American Chamber of Commerce lunch, he singled out IPTV, or Internet TV as a potentially “disruptive technology” particularly in countries like Australia.

Disruptive technology refers to technological advancements that can interrupt current planning processes for various industries.

“Australia is dominated by free-to-air and a whole series of rules and regulations [relating to the delivery of content],” Cronin said.

“What we tend to forget is the TV is the biggest piece of glass in your home besides windows and it is not connected to the internet.”

The IPTV trend will continue to drive innovation and change in the broadcast and television industry, Cronin added.

“It’s not about connecting to the internet and searching; it is about being entertained, about content and how you will be the owner of the content,” he said.

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