LG Electronics grants Mustafa Salameh a host of its smart technologies

LG Electronics grants Mustafa Salameh a host of its smart technologiesLG Electronics recently granted inspirational Jordanian climber, Mustafa Salameh in his latest adventure, a climb to the North Pole, a Host of its Smart Technologies. Upon completing this endeavor in addition to climbing the South Pole, Salameh will be recognized as the 30th in the world to achieve this goal and Jordan will make its mark as number eight on the international map of mountain climbing.  Embodying the slogan “Anything is possible if you put your mind to it”, Mustafa Salameh is the first Jordanian to climb Mount Everest and he is also the first Jordanian to complete the “7 Summits Challenge” on November 16, 2012, making his mark internationally as one of 250 people in the world to have successfully ascended the highest peak on every continent.

As part of its encouragement for his pursuits, LG Electronics granted Salameh some of its top-of-the–line smart products, enabling him to effectively document his trip and to stay in contact with his fans throughout his trip which he commenced on March 24th 2014.. Signature products offered included the LG G2 Smartphone, and the G Pad notebook.

“Our interest in Salameh’s ambitions is one that falls in-line with our long term CSR strategy,” explains PR Manager of LG Levant Ms. Batoul Arnaout, “ we are proud to contribute to the advancment of all community segments, and to adopt those success stories that offer a source of inspiration and a living proof of positive change for the future.We place special interest in Jordanian youth, their talents, and their beliefs , their hard work, and the unprecedented achievments they make and that serve to place Jordan in high international ranks of achievements.”

“To us, Mustafa Salameh presents a live example of a true adventurous pioneering spirit. He represents a true model of the effect youth can have on a community. His achievements have helped spread a community culture founded on good social and humanitarian practices, changing popular perceptions about Arab youth and proving that this youth segment is also capable of making their dreams a reality, and achieving their most challenging goals, “added  Arnaout.

From his end, Salameh stated that LG Electronics had significantly contributed to his endeavour, making the persuit of his goals more attainble. Upon completing this challenge he will not only be making a mark on his own life but he will also be making a mark for Jordan within the international arena. LG’s products respond to the diverse needs of such a trip, and they serve to enhance his personal experience while keeping him connected with his fans. Other market players within the private sector should learn from the example set by LG Electronics, as the company is solidifying its position as a supporter of the mountain climbing sport and the ambitions of youth in general.

Named the World’s best Smartphone for 2013, LG offered the G2 to the acclaimed mountain climber . The handset comes with an innovative 2.65 mm thick design with all buttons and keys removed from the its edges, and placed instead on the handset’s rear and below the camera lens. Enabling Salameh to take photos of his trip with ease, the G2 boasts a 1.2 MP front camera and a 13 MP rear camera. It also comes with OIS sensor image stabilization system, Android 4.2.2 operating system, and a 1080×1092 pixel Full HD IPS 5.2 inch display. Adding to its speed and efficiency, the handset also comes with Qualcomm’s latest and greatest quad-core processor, the Snapdragon 800 making it ideal for this trip.

Also serving as an addition on the trip, the G Pad serves as the 8.3-inch tablet with a full HD resolution display (1,920 x 1,080), a Snapdragon 600 chip, and a 2GB RAM. It also comes with a 1.3 MP front camera a 5MP rear camera, and a 16 GB memory.

It is worth noting that Mustafa Salameh holds a BA in Tourism and Hospitality Management. Climbing mountains is not the only passion he holds dear to his heart; He is determined to serve as an inspirational role model for youth that they can achieve anything they set their minds to. He trains aspiring climbers, and he uses his passions for travel towards spreading regional peace in the Middle East.

LG Electronics holds CSR endeavors targeting all segments of the community. However, it places youth and sports at the forefront of its priorities.

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