LG Electronics hosts a fashion expert “Kim Hong Ki” to promote cultural affinity between Jordan and Korea

LG Electronics hosts a fashion expert “Kim Hong Ki” to promote cultural affinity between Jordan and KoreaIn a series of initiatives in support of arts of design, and with aims to promote affinity between the different civilizations and cultures, “LG Electronics” recently hosted the Korean fashion expert “Kim Hong Ki” in a tour to the Middle East, specifically Jordan which also included a visit of two leading Jordanian universities. The visit aimed to introduce the students to the Korean fashion scene, embodying the humanitarian Korean legacy through a presentation of contemporary Korean fashion arts and designs.

Kim’s visit to Jordan included a tour in the faculty of art and design in both the University of Jordan and the American University of Madaba.

Commenting further on this occasion, Managing Director of “LG Electronics” Levant Mr. Tae Hun Ryu said, “”LG Electronics” hosting of Mr. Kim is one that reflects the correlation between the arts of fashion design field and the company’s, as the strategy of “LG Electronics” is one characterized by renewal, diversity, creativity and a commitment for providing clients with all that is new in the technology field through its products”

“LG Electronics” is always keen to support various community sectors, focusing on the cultural and artistic ones. It is also a supporter for youth initiatives and creativity, as it considers these segments the symbols of modernity steering the civilization of any country forward.

It is worth noting that Kim Hong Ki holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of British Columbia. He is an actor, journalist, fashion editor, and panelist for the Fashion Week of Seoul. Furthermore, he also works as an organizer for shows that combine fashion design with modern art.

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