Malawi court overrules G-Mobile’s licence cancellation

Malawi’s High Court has reportedly quashed the revocation of Global Advanced Integrated Networks (GAIN’s) mobile licence.

According to Judge Godfrey Mwase, the decision by the public authority may be quashed where the authority acted without jurisdiction or exceeding its jurisdiction or failed to comply with the rules of natural justice where such rules are applicable.

The Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) cancelled the wireless concession belonging to GAIN, which intends to offer services under the G-Mobile banner, in September 2010 for failing to roll out services under the terms of its licence.

I is not the first time that GAIN has successfully appealed a decision by MACRA; last November a court overturned a US$6.95 million fine issued to the company for missing quality of service targets and failing to roll out services, stating that MACRA had overstepped its authority.

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