Mobile subscriber base crosses over 851 million

As on May 2011, the mobile subscriber base stood at 840.28 million in India. As on June 2011, the figure has hit 851.70 million, representing a growth rate of 1.36%, so reveals the data supplied by the telecom regulator. Amidst this number churning, the share of urban subscribers witnessed a slight decline to 66% from 66.02% where as the share of rural subscribers saw a slender increase from 33.98% to 34%.

Meanwhile, urban areas saw a rise in wireless subscription from 554.75 million in May 2011 to 562.12 million by the end of June 2011 where as there was an increase from 285.53 million to 289.57 million in rural subscriptions for the same period, representing growth rates of 1.33% and 1.42% for urban subscriptions and rural subscriptions respectively.

594.77 million subscribers amongst the total 851.7 million were found to be active during the busiest day in June.

The private operators boast of the maximum 88.35% of the wireless market share, as compared to 11.65% of the market share held by state-owned BSNL and MTNL.

The mobile networks had also provided information with regard to 129.85 lakh customers having requested for porting their mobile numbers to a different service provider, as on June 2011. Ou of these requests, close to 763,000 alone came from Haryana, the Indian state where MNP was ushered in as on 25 November, 2010.

Concerning other parts of the country, the MNP Zone-I constituted by Northern & Western India, Gujarat with 1.3 million requests provided for the most number of requests, in comparison to MNP Zone-II constituted by Southern & Eastern India, the maximum number of number porting requests came in from Karnataka with 983,000, closely followed by Andhra Pradesh Service area with 955, 000.

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