Mobilink shuts down several offers from January 10th 2014

Mobilink shuts down several offers from January 10th 2014Mobilink has announced that from January 10th 2014, it is going to end several of its services and offers to its customers. These offers/services include Super Ghanta offer, Number 1 offer, Bari Baat offer, Jazz Ghanta Offer and Gup Shup Offer.

This is a another brutal act by the largest mobile service provider in the country after the application of the call setup charges few days back which are still being deducted despite the orders of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to the cellular Mobile Operators to stop collecting the money.

We hope that Mobilink launches more cost-effective packages for its customers as a replacement to currently canceled call packages. For the moment, the last resort that you are left with is to call 444 or dial *444# in order to select Voice offers of your choice. Another solution can be to port your number in case you think that Mobilink is turning into a ruthless operator for its customers.

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