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Mobily cuts “broadband @ home” renewal fees 50%

Mobily)’s subsidiary for data , Bayanat Al Oula, announced special discounts targeting “Broadband @home” service current subscribers and that give them discounts up to 50%.

Bayanat Al Oula said that it has offered  15% discount for subscribers who wish to renew their subscription for 3 months, and 30% off for a 6 month subscription, whereas subscribers that renew for a whole year will get a 50% discount on all the available speeds.
Bayanat Al Oula explained that customers who wish to get this offer should make sure they have enough credit in their “Broadband @ home” service account, that covers the new rate. Subscribers can call customer service 1100 or visit the nearest branch to upgrade their subscription. Bayanat Al Oula has also provided several ways for payment, whether by scratch cards and entering the card’s number on Mobily’s website, or through “Sadad” and selecting “Mobily” company then entering their personal “Broadband” service account number.
(Broadband @ home) today, is the number one choice for internet users due to the real speeds which the service provides in addition to the ease in acquiring this service and installing its modem (plug and play) which can be moved around and installed in any place where the service is available.
Bayanat Al Oula pointed out that it is keen to provide continuous offers on the “Broadband” service for its subscribers to benefit from the best rates, not to mention, this is consistent with its future plans that have been based on Mobily’s GED Strategy and which states maintaining leadership in data applications and services as well as providing the latest in technology and devices that support these services hence, providing an optimal usage experience.

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