NarusInsight CyberAnalytics Built for Real-Time Analysis of Network Traffic
Delivers Detailed Answers to Your Most Challenging Network Security Questions

Narus, Inc., the leader in dynamic network traffic intelligence, today introduced its latest application to deeply analyze IP traffic in real time. The cyber analytics application is built upon Narus’ flagship product, NarusInsight Traffic Intelligence system, and provides security analysts with unparalleled insight into suspicious, malicious and anomalous network traffic to accelerate investigations. Security analysts now have the tool needed to examine enormous amounts of network traffic data quickly, reducing the time needed to discover, investigate and understand traffic of interest. With NarusInsight CyberAnalytics, security analysts have the visibility into the traffic required to improve the overall health and security of critical networks.

Research firm Forrester Research underscores the importance of detailed visibility into a network in a recent report. “Forrester recommends deploying network analysis and visibility (NAV) tools in conjunction with your traditional security information management (SIM) system. These NAV tools include network discovery tools, tools that analyze flow data, tools that dissect packet captures, tools that look at network metadata, and tools used for network forensic examination1.”

NarusInsight fulfills these requirements with a multitude of unique features and functionalities. Overall, it improves security analysts’ ability to make decisions by proactively looking for “things” that shouldn’t be on their network. Using powerful on-demand analytics for stored “traffic at rest” and live analytics for streaming “traffic in motion,” the solution can examine enormous amounts of network traffic data quickly. This reduces the time needed to uncover potential issues that often escape detection using traditional solutions.

The solution also has the ability to visualize “big data” over a longer period of time. Security analysts can see more relevant network traffic with a longer search window up to days, weeks or even months. Thanks to Narus’ experience in metadata, the solution recognizes what data to collect, how to collect it and how to analyze it.

“Most solutions today detect what security analysts already know to look for, as is the case with signature-based attacks,” said David Cavuto, director, product engineering, Narus. “NarusInsight CyberAnalytics is all about looking for what we don’t know, which involves digging deep into the details of network traffic. This type of network insight is the cornerstone to establishing a healthy, secure network and improving the efficiency and productivity of the operations center.”

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