Nawras gets closer to the community by sponsoring a range of multicultural and social events in December

Continuing its promise to engage with the local community and customers, Nawras concluded a successful 2012 by supporting and sponsoring a wide variety of social and cultural events this month. Culminating with the Muscat Youth Summit 2012, the 1st GCC Businesswomen Forum and Oman Debate 2012, the events throughout the year added to the company’s reputation as an integral part of Omani society.

Mutassim Hamood Al-Zadjali, Head of Corporate Affairs at Nawras, said, “Each month, Nawras contributes to projects, big and small, and become a partner in engaging with many customers and communities to enrich the lives of people in Oman. We are always looking to create opportunities for customers to get together and enjoy social occasions as well supporting the cultural development of the Sultanate of Oman. As we look to the New Year, Nawras will continue to be involved in major events in the country and support community initiatives to get closer to customers and benefit the people of Oman.”

In December, Nawras sponsored the Muscat Youth Summit 2012 as over 200 students from 26 countries came together in Al Mussanah to indulge their creative passion. Over the course of four days, Nawras introduced the next generation of entrepreneurs to business ideas, youth leaders and the wide range of Nawras products developed to cater for every niche in the market.

Nawras was also a promotional sponsor of the first GCC Businesswomen Forum held in collaboration with the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) and Federation of GCC Chambers. The event bought together successful businesswomen from around the region to highlight the significant contribution made to small and medium-sized businesses run by women.

As a strategic partner in the Oman Debate 2012, Nawras played a key role in the Sultanate’s premier discussion forum. The Oman Debate brought key stakeholders together to engage in provocative and thoughtful discussions on the progress and development as well as pondering whether Oman is future ready.

For the second year running, Nawras also recently sponsored the Muscat Regatta. This exciting, competitive event provides opportunities for aspiring Omani sailors to take their place alongside the professionals to compete in a series of spectacular races.

Nawras continuously looks for new ways to engage with the community and customers as well as being a keen supporter of national activities. Taking on a key role in the large events organised by the government, Nawras has been able to have a direct impact on the community. This year Nawras sponsored the Muscat Festival and Salalah Tourism Festival, both of which showcased Omani culture and heritage to a wider audience.

Nawras also furthered the development of sport in the country by joining forces with Kickworldwide to develop an outreach program to help young Omanis and promote a healthy lifestyle. The outreach program will provide courses in coaching, refereeing, sports science, sports law, journalism and photography that will help turn a passion for sport into a career. Nawras also sponsored the Summer Sports program organised by the Ministry of Sports Affairs to give children a chance to try new activities over the summer holiday.

As sponsor of ComEx, Nawras displayed the power of its 4G LTE technology, while at JobEx there was an opportunity to display the hard work Nawras has done to create opportunities for talented Omanis. TEDx Muscat brought visionaries together to share ideas and Nawras helped to sponsor the event, underlining the importance that the company places on encouraging innovation.

Nawras is committed to caring for the community and enhancing the daily lives of people in Oman by creating opportunities to get closer. The cornerstone of the company’s social responsibility program, 8th Nawras Goodwill Journey, this year covered the most ground of any previous Goodwill missions as a convoy of Nawras Goodwill Ambassadors first travelled from the very north of Oman to the southern tip in Dhofar. At each stage, Nawras donated necessary household appliances and supplies as well as the latest technology, including laptops, printers and iPads, as part of a ten day journey to spread compassion and smiles. The main focus of the 8th Nawras Goodwill Journey was to empower local Women’s Associations to help the communities they serve and provide opportunities and equipment to start their own businesses.

Over the past eight years, fasting Nawras family member volunteers of the Nawras Goodwill Journey have visited over 150 charitable organisations and non-Government organisations in the Sultanate and travelled over 48,000 kilometres across the country to bring joy to the people of Oman during the holy month of Ramadhan.

Nawras, a Qtel Group Company, will continue to support a diverse range of social, cultural, sporting and entertainment events throughout the year as part of the company’s commitment to helping businesses and the community to get closer. Nawras offers a pleasingly different service through products and services as well as community and charitable initiatives. More information about current events and activities can be found online by visiting