Nawras Goodwill Journey 10 underway as fasting volunteers share the spirit of Ramadan with communities across the Sultanate

Nawras Goodwill Journey 10 underway as fasting volunteers share the spirit of Ramadan with communities across the SultanateThe tenth Nawras Goodwill Journey begins today with the first team of 18 volunteers leaving Muscat to make a lasting impact on the lives of thousands of Omanis.

Said Safrar, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Nawras and several other  family and board members gathered at the Nawras Campus at Muscat Grand Mall to wish the convoy well as they head north on the first leg. The Nawras volunteers will be stopping first in Al Qurum, followed by Mussanah and Sohar before driving to Khasab in the northern-most enclave of the Sultanate. From there, Nawras volunteers will begin their return to Muscat through Buraimi and Ad Dakhiliyah, arriving home at the Nawras Campus on 10 July 2014 after completing a journey of hundreds of kilometres.

Said Safrar said, “The Nawras Goodwill Journey has been the cornerstone of our community projects for a decade now, in that time we have touched thousands of lives and given new opportunities to hundreds of people across the country. This year, under the theme of ‘Digital and Family’, we will be contributing to educational programmes run by the Omani Women’s Association in each Governorate and enhancing the quality of life for children with disabilities as part of our commitment to the long term prosperity of community projects in Oman.”

Over the next two weeks, fasting Nawras volunteers will visit charitable organisations and branches of the Omani Women’s Association across the Sultanate to donate the latest technology, household items, electrical appliances, and children’s gifts and toys to share the spirit of Ramadan during the holy month.

The Nawras website will be providing up to the minute updates on the convoy’s progress at and daily updates from the Nawras Goodwill Journey 10 will be available through official Nawras social media platforms. Video diaries will be uploaded to the Nawras YouTube Channel,, and images will be posted during the journey on Facebook at Nawras volunteers will also be tweeting live on location at with the dedicated hashtag of #RamadanJourney throughout the journey.

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