Nawras internships set Omani students on the road to graduation

Nawras internships set Omani students on the road to graduationAs part of their commitment to supporting the development of youth, Nawras has so far this year provided 30 students from universities across Oman with a two month summer internship, with more placements planned before the end of the year. The programme is designed to support their studies and provide valuable work experience to boost job prospects following graduation. Students from a variety of majors joined departments company-wide to learn from experienced Nawras professionals and gain a range of skills as they prepare for life after studying.

“Nawras can offer an exciting career in telecommunications, engineering, information technology, economics or business, and the internships serve as a unique learning opportunity for students to experience a real life working environment in a fast-paced industry”, said Kumail Al Moosawi, Director of People at Nawras. “Internships have been shown to give students a competitive advantage when beginning their careers, as well as a chance to show and develop their skills by applying theories learned in the classroom to everyday situations.”

Students worked under the mentorship of specially assigned Nawras family members and followed a structured programme to make sure they got the most out of their experience. At the end of the internship, each student was required to submit a project report and received a certificate of completion and letter of appreciation from their supervisor, which will form part of their post-graduation transcripts and references when applying for full-time employment.

Nawras welcomes students to apply for internships in March and May each year, through the company website at, where candidates are able to select the department that best suits their major. Students should be in the final year of study with a support letter from their university or college and a high grade point average to join the programme.

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