New value added services from Nawras

Nawras introduces new value added services

New Nawras services follow hot on the heels of 6+6 international calling offer

Nawras, Oman’s customer friendly communications provider, is following up its popular 6+6 international calling offer by introducing three new value added services.  Customers can now benefit from helpful prayer timings, medical advice for Ramadan and Quran readings as well as information on the life of the Prophets and miracles.

Emsakeyah service gives customers four daily messages in Arabic, detailing prayer timings for the following day, medical advice to help during fasting, manners and behaviour guidance for the Holy Month as well as Do’aa prayers. To begin using this service, customers can send an SMS with the keyword help to 91935.  Emsakeyah subscription is only RO 1 for 30 days.

Qasas Al-Anbeya is a new, informative Arabic service narrating the life of the Prophets including descriptions of their personalities and characteristics.  Customers can send Q to 91936 to receive 5 MMS each week for a subscription of just 400 Baiza per week.

The third new service, Eazaz Al Quran, offers information in Arabic about scientific miracles in the Quran as well as hundreds of religious concepts that are authenticated and confirmed by scientific references and scholars. Five MMS will be sent each week after sending E to 91936 for a weekly subscription of just 400 Baiza.

Nawras customers can also benefit from subscriptions to the Arabic Alafasy package to receive recitations of verses from the Holy Quran, prayers, sayings of the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon Him) and the latest poetic recitations from Sheikh Mishary Rashid Alafasy.  Alafasy is only 300 Baiza per week including five free MMS and a free SMS to download the content and save as an MP3 file.  To subscribe, an SMS with the letter D should be sent to 90920.

Being a member of the Nawras family is also extremely beneficial when it comes to making international calls. Thousands of customers are already enjoying being able to get closer to friends and family abroad thanks to the current 6+6 international offer.

After making an international call lasting six minutes, Nawras mobile customers can continue talking for free, for the next six minutes.  After simply sending 6 to 80020, this popular offer will be automatically applied to every international call lasting more than six minutes until 29 October 2011.

All Nawras mobile customers, business and consumers, can take advantage of this great offer at any time during peak or off peak hours. The 6+6 offer is for all international calls made from a mobile number in Oman.

A member of the Qtel Group, Nawras is committed to enriching the lives of people in Oman through better communication services.

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