Mohammed Al Najwani

Nawras launches free MMS promotion

Mohammed Al Najwani

Nawras is announcing an exciting MMS promotion giving customers the opportunity to enjoy sending free MMS (multimedia messages) for a whole day after sending just three messages at the regular price of only 45 Baisa. MMS or picture messages can be sent to any mobile customer in the Sultanate of Oman and even to email addresses.  Through this exciting promotion, Nawras customers will once again get more from their innovative communications provider.

Each MMS of up to 400KB can include colourful pictures taken with built-in handset cameras combined with text, audio or video files.  Using a picture to illustrate a message is powerful and extremely effective whether for business or leisure purposes.

“An MMS is a great business tool,” said Mohammed bin Jaffar Al Najwani, VAS Marketing Manager at Nawras.  “You can be attending a trade show for example and snap a shot that you send to colleagues in your office to instantly share an interesting product that you have found.

“MMS is also an ideal communication tool for personal use.  Customers can send pictures of a special event to a family member who is unable to attend and immediately helping them to feel part of the celebration, even though they cannot be there in person.”

This creative messaging promotion can be enjoyed at any time of the day and every day of the week up until midnight on 4 May 2011.

MMS settings should automatically be available when each SIM-card is activated however if this has not happened, customers can simply send a free SMS with the keyword MMS to 1501.  In response, three messages will be sent to start mobile data services including MMS. For phones that do not support over the air settings, such as iPhone, customers may enter the MMS configurations manually as illustrated on the Nawras website.

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