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Nawras launches RechargePlus offer giving prepaid customers up to 40% extra value

Nawras is giving prepaid customers extra value with free credit each time they recharge their mobile through RechargePlus.  With this incredible offer, customers can gain up to 40 percent of free credit for calls to other Nawras customers, as well as up to 20 percent of free credit to use for international calls.

When using either a recharge card or paper recharge in the denominations of 2, 4 or 8 Omani Rials, customers simply enter the code *115*1* before the usual recharge code, to benefit from great savings on Nawras to Nawras calls. With this special code, customers rechar ging for 8 Omani Rials for example, will receive 11.200 including 3.200 Omani Rials of free credit.

When recharging for international calls, customers can use the code *115*2 to enjoy fantastic savings. Buying 2 Omani Rials of credit, customers will receive an additional 10% free and when recharging for 4 Omani Rials the free credit increases even further to 15%. Cus tomers choosing to recharge for 8 Omani Rials will gain an amazing 20% of free credit for calls made to any destination outside Oman.

Aziz Al Harrasi, Marketing Manager – Prepaid, said, “Nawras continues to introduce innovative offers giving fantastic value. RechargePlus is the latest great offer designed to help our prepaid customers get closer to their friends and family more often without paying more.”

RechargePlus credit is valid for the same number of days as the amount of recharge.  For example, when crediting a mobile account for 8 Omani Rials in international credit, the total of 9.600 Omani Rials is valid for use during the following eight days.  Similarly, after recharging for 4 Omani Rials, customers can use their credit at any time over the next four days.  RechargePlus is valid from today up to and including 6 August 2011.

Pay RechargePlus – Extra Local
Get credit Total credit valid for:
2 Rials 2.200 Rials 2 days
4 Rials 4.800 Rials 4 days
8 Rials 11.200 Rials 8 days

Pay RechargePlus – Extra International
Get credit Total credit valid for:
2 Rials 2.200 Rials 2 days
4 Rials 4.600 Rials 4 days
8 Rials 9.600 Rials 8 days

Nawras customers can also benefit from other great value offers that are currently available.  Responding to popular demand, the 6th anniversary offer of calling any other Nawras customer on Fridays for only 10 Baizas per minute is extended until 17 June 2011.

Yet more savings can be enjoyed on international calls.  After talking for six minutes to any international destination during off peak hours, (8:00pm until 6:00pm Saturday to Thursday and all day on Fridays), customers will get the following six minutes of the call for free. To benefit from this special promotion simply requires sending a blank SMS to 80020.

For more details on exciting offers or any aspect of the pleasingly different experience of being a Nawras customer, the keyword Nawras can be sent to 1500 at any time or a visit made to any Nawras Store.

Nawras, a Qtel Group company, is committed to providing a rewarding experience for customers while delivering excellent quality, pleasingly different service and great value.

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