Nawras records fastest ever download speeds with new Akamai Accelerated Servers

Nawras records fastest ever download speeds with new Akamai Accelerated ServersNawras recently recorded its fastest ever download speeds from a number of popular sites on the internet. This follows the new hosting of Akamai CDN (Content Delivery Network) Servers in the new Datacenter in Bausher, one of Nawras’ Carrier Grade data centres in Oman. The implementation is part of the company’s on-going promise to bring leading global technology to customers in Oman.

Mohammed Abdul Mateen, Head of Data Services Planning at Nawras, said, “We are really committed to improving services to our customers. We aim to do this by introducing global best practices in Oman. By moving away from using centrally-hosted global data towards connecting customers to locally hosted CDN servers, we have been able to improve download speed and latency of most of the popular sites from the internet. In the past, customers would often experience delays in accessing the internet due to having to access servers outside Oman. But today, our partnership with Akamai has allowed customers to connect to other popular contents and software updates instantly, by using the Turbocharged Nawras network. We also recently won Best Operator Network 2013, at the Telecoms World Middle East Awards, which further highlights our focus on providing the best network for our customers.”

Akamai is one of the world’s biggest content delivery network providers, hosting popular content and software updates from leading developers such as Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft and Apple to name but a few.

With the successful strategic relationship with Akamai, Nawras customers will be able to quickly access popular content from over 40% of content providers worldwide. Future updates will also be hosted by Nawras using Akamai servers to continue providing customers with an excellent online experience.

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