NEC Strengthens Measures against Cyber Attacks on Government Offices and Businesses

Specialized structure established in cooperation with domestic security firms –

NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) has established a new company structure, the “Cyber Security Factory” (CSF), for strengthening its support of the deployment and operation of solutions that protect against cyber attacks on government offices and businesses. CSF solutions are expected to be available in Japan in 2013.

In recent years, there are a growing number of organizations and individuals who have lost confidential and personal information through targeted cyber attacks. Moreover, as these attacks become more sophisticated, they also become more difficult to detect, which slows the implementation of counter measures and allows the attacks to inflict greater damage.

In order to expose this threat, and support the measures that organizations take against cyber attacks, NEC already provides its “Incident Visualization Solution,” “Targeted Attack Inspection Service,” and the “Utra-High-Speed Analysis Platform: InfoFrame DWH Appliance” in Japan.

NEC is leveraging this experience in the development of decision support systems for the National Security field in order to build monitoring control technologies and to offer technologies for building highly confidential network systems. This has resulted in the creation of the CSF, a company structure that horizontally links the internal departments that manage security issues. The CSF allows NEC to provide its customers with a single service package that includes the installation of its cyber attack counter-measure systems as well as operational support.

“NEC’s Cyber Security Factory cooperates with domestic security companies (*1) as part of analyzing cyber attack information that is constantly changing,” said Hironori Takahashi, National Security Solutions Division, NEC. “The Factory’s solutions capitalize on its structure of accumulated and shared technologies and know-how (cyber test range, *2) in order to effectively respond to security related incidents and unauthorized access.”

CSF solutions enable customers to learn about threatening conditions by themselves and to prepare internal security observation systems that serve as a development base for solutions against new cyber attacks.

Moreover, the CSF allows NEC to promote and develop its own technologies while cooperating with a wide range of security companies. As a result, NEC is able to contribute even further to the provision of safe and secure ICT environments.

Going forward, NEC’s Cyber Security Factory will continue to develop technologies that advance the performance of solutions against cyber attacks, focusing on major fields that include government offices, infrastructure providers and manufacturers.