New YahClick broadband portfolio comes to market

yahclick, yahsat, logo, internet, teletimes, internationalYahClick, the satellite broadband service of UAE headquartered Yahsat, announces that its satellite broadband service YahClick has launched YahClick Pick & Click, a brand new product portfolio of simpler, faster and affordable broadband service plansfor current and new subscribers.

YahClick currently offers a wide variety of options to subscribers in the Middle East, Africa, and South West and Central Asia, with broadband packages designed to support every business and consumer need.

In order to provide a superior customer experience and to simplify the choice in each country, YahClick is launching YahClick Pick and Click, a newly developed family of solutions and bundles. In addition, the products will have clearly defined data allowances to ensure easy differentiation of performance.

“The launch of YahClick Pick & Click is a vital step towards realizing our ambition of bringing about a truly connected world.  We have listened to our service partners and customers, and have responded with packages that are simple to understand. ” said David Murphy, Chief Commercial Officer.

He added, “Any individual or business user can subscribe for which ever plan is best suited to their needs. A further advantage of the new products is that subscribers will all be offered 30 day plans with firm start and finishing dates. Our objective is to make it easier for our customers in all our markets to become quickly connected to the world.”