Nokia Siemens launches Operations on Demand portal

Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) has launched a new way of handling the several million data points generated by a typical mobile network every day. NSN has launched new Operations on Demand portal gives operators a single entry point to their network management processes. Among its many profits, the portal eliminates the time taken to log-in to multiple different management tools and provides clear steps to solve network issues. The portal’s customisable dashboards can provide multiple views of the network and its topology as well as suggested actions and process steps. Along with a customisable user interface, Operations on Demand comprises content packs for specific workflows such as site creation, network optimisation and network health. Based on the same concept as CEM on Demand, the content packs enable operators to take a phased approach and select the specific workflows that are relevant and timely for their organisation to automate and optimise. Operations on Demand gives operations personnel clear steps to follow in their own language to solve network issues. With insight taken directly from data in the network, it allows personnel to focus on the essential, proposes a course of action and automates the process to optimise network performance or solve a network problem. By enhancing network management, Operations on Demand helps improve network key performance indicators (KPIs) and provide the possible insight for service operations. It also frees up personnel to focus on managing the customer experience. The NetAct product family provides the multi-vendor and multi-technology foundation to obtain the data needed for a complete network overview.