O3b announces agreement with Palau Telecoms

O3b announces agreement with Palau TelecomsPacific nations find high throughput low latency compelling making O3b the region leader in contracted IP backhaul.

O3b Networks announced an agreement to provide O3bTrunk services to broadband wireless Internet provider Palau Telecoms. Palau Telecoms will use O3b as their backhaul provider from Palau to the Internet.

The new O3b solution utilizes MEO (Medium Earth Orbit) satellites at much lower altitudes. This means that O3b can offer fiber-like speeds with lower latency supporting new cloud based enterprise and interactive consumer applications.

O3bTrunk is a highly affordable satellite service akin to the performance and speed of fiber. The entire Pacific region will enjoy much improved connectivity, benefiting both private and corporate customers in Palau. The deal adds to O3b’s growing presence in the Pacific region already having contracted more commercial IP trunking bandwidth than any other satellite operator making O3b the leading satellite operator in the region.

Sam Masang – CEO of Palau Telecoms said:

O3b is an ideal partner for Palau Telecoms because of its low latency and high bandwidth, which offer a significant improvement on what has traditionally been available via geostationary satellites. This will enable Palau Telecoms to deliver more services reliably at a higher quality for our customers in 2014.”

Steve Collar, CEO, O3b said:

“’We are delighted to welcome Palau Telecoms to the O3b family. After exceptionally successful tests of our constellation at the end of 2013, we know that O3b will provide Palau Telecoms a high performance middle mile solution that will transform the services they can bring to the population of Palau. Web browsing and search will be ultra-fast, business can use new software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps and there will be no time to get coffee while a file downloads. We are proud to be a part of Palau Telecoms efforts to provide vital IP infrastructure to the citizens of Palau.

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