Oger Telecom starts hunt for a new CEO

Oger Telecom’s CEO, Dr. Paul Doany has resigned from the company to pursue “diversified investments in internet and IT/software companies”

Dr Doany joined the Oger Group in 1998 and, was nominated General Manager of Oger Telecom in 2002, when it was a division of Saudi Oger. He was appointed CEO of Oger Telecom Limited (OTL), which was incorporated as a separate DIFC based entity in 2005. He also served simultaneously as Turk Telekom CEO since its privatisation in 2005, until August 2010, after which he resumed his OTL CEO position. He also served on all subsidiary boards of the group.

Dr Doany stated, “I have had a most exciting and rewarding time with the Oger Group, and with OTL. We set out with overly ambitious plans, and at all times we had the full unwavering support of the shareholders, especially our Chairman Mr. Mohammed Hariri. I would also like to thank Mr. Saud Al Daweesh, STC CEO, for his support as Vice Chairman of Oger Telecom, since STC‘s participation in OTL in 2008.”

In the interim, Oger Telecom’s Chairman, Mr. Mohammed Hariri will be overseeing the management and operations of OTL assisted by the Senior Management of OTL until a replacement is appointment.

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