Omantel celebrates second year of 3.5G operations

Omantel is celebrating its second highly successful year of 3.5G operations with hundreds of thousands of customers now benefitting from the widest range of mobile broadband services since its introduction. The service, provided by Omantel’s mobile arm “Oman Mobile”, offers customers excellent value price plans for a leading range of 3.5G services that include mobile broadband, video calls, multi-player mobile gaming and mobile TV.

Oman Mobile’s prepaid mobile broadband offer “141” has probably been one of the most successful plans ever launched that provides Internet connection to our customers. Saleem Abdulatiff, General Manager of Marketing at Omantel’s Consumer Business Unit, said: “The introduction of 3.5G services has been a huge success and our customers across the Sultanate were able to benefit from the widest portfolio of services and an excellent range of value price plans.

“We have continued to grow and expand our network significantly during the past two years. Our technical teams were adding in average one base station every day to the network enabling more and more subscribers to benefit from the network that has the widest 3.5G footprint in the Sultanate”. A number of eye-catching promotional campaigns have been launched by Oman Mobile in the past two years to promote 3.5G — especially among the younger audience in Oman who have enthusiastically embraced the mobility and flexibility that the service brings.

Omantel’s 3.5G technology is like having broadband to go and allows individuals faster access to the Internet outside home and office. 3.5G technology allows Internet connection, video calling, multiplayer mobile gaming, TV streaming TV from anywhere in the Sultanate covered by Omantel’s 3.5G network. It delivers Internet and email access to laptops, without the need for any specialised technical knowledge.

Large email attachments can be downloaded quickly and easily, making mobile working a practical reality.

Customers can stay connected whenever they want. This means individuals are able to work from the office in the same way they are connected to an office network and it can be used on both handsets and through USB modems.

Omantel has been bringing individuals, families and businesses together and has successfully connected different parts of the Omani community to each other and with the rest of the world.

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