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Omantel Conducts Workshop on Multiprotocol Label Switching System (MPLS)

The Corporate Business Unit of Omantel conducted yesterday a workshop for different government organizations and major corporates in the Sultanate on the Multiprotocol Label Switching System (MPLS) at Grand Hyatt Muscat.

The workshop was organized to shed light on this unique service and the benefits it brings to corporate customers. During the workshop, many MPLS existing customers demonstrated their experience with the service and how it helped them improve the quality of services rendered to their customers.

The MPLS service that is only provided by the Sultanate’s pioneer telecom services provider “Omantel” and is ISO certified is the ideal solution to the most sophisticated needs of government organizations and major corporates that have operations in different regions of the Sultanate and who are looking for fast, reliable and yet secured connectivity solution.

Several presentations have been delivered in this one day workshop with great highlight on the reliability and security of the service, the importance of ISO 27001 certification to corporate customers in addition to how other potential customers can benefit from this service.
In his speech at the opening ceremony, Todd Dick, Vice President of the Corporate Business Unit at Omantel said “The Multiprotocol Label Switching system (MPLS) is a modern technology that helps our corporate customers to improve their operational efficiency as the service enables them to connect with their different branches in the different regions in the Sultanate through a cost effective, fast, reliable and secured virtual private network. Our customers are assured the highest level of quality as the performance of the network is monitored 24/7and the availability is guaranteed through a Service Level Agreement (SLA)”.

“The MPLS technology is the most contemporary solution that can link multiple sites in a reliable and efficient manner. Our state of the art MPLS solution is already being used by many large companies and business groups across Oman to ensure they have reliable connectivity, back-up systems and peace of mind when conducting their business.”Todd concluded.

Mohamed Moqeet from Omantel Information Security Department explained the importance of having MPLS service ISO certified saying “Omantel MPLS service was the first in the region and the fourth in the world to be ISO certified. This has given our customers extra assurance that their customer data flowing through the MPLS network are protected and the MPLS service itself is highly protected against security threats”.

Hassan Abdul Khaliq Ibrahim Senior Manager of Servers & Networking at Bank Dhofar pointed out in his presentation the different benefits that MPLS has provided them at Bank Dhofar by saying “Being one of the leading banks in the Sultanate, we have branches almost everywhere and the Bank ATMs are providing round-the-clock service to our customers. MPLS enabled us at Bank Dhofar to provide 24/7 uninterrupted service in a secure manner. We were able to see the benefits of introducing MPLS in better performance, lower total cost of ownership, greater flexibility to accommodate new technologies and better security and survivability”.

It is worth mentioning that Omantel signed a number of agreements with several banks and leading companies operating in the Sultanate to link their branches in the various regions of the Sultanate via the MPLS technology. In the same trend, an agreement has also been set with the government as part of the government efforts towards the e-governance project.

Omantel is the leading Telecommunications company in the Sultanate and has been bringing individuals, families and business together and has successfully connected different parts of the Omani community to each other and with the rest of the world through a modern network of mobile, fixed telecom and internet services.

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