Omantel Links Duqm Floating Hotel ’Veronica’ With Main Telecom Network

Omantel, the leading integrated telecom provider in the Sultanate of Oman, has completed building the required telecom infrastructure to link the Duqm Floating Hotel ‘Veronica’  in the Willayat of Duqm. This Duqm Floating Hotel is the first of its kind in the Sultanate and one of the leading projects in the industrial estate in Duqm. A project of this size and sophistication requires a reliable modern telecommunication network.

The company has linked the Duqm Floating Hotel ’Veronica’ with the Omantel network which enabled the hotel to enjoy state of the art corporate solutions offered by Omantel irrespective of the fact that it was built on the sea. The technical experience of Omantel engineers has been instrumental in the success of the project.

Commenting on the project, Business Unit Manager and Asset Management Leader of the Duqm Floating Hotel ’Veronica’ Mr. Jason Kim said, “Veronica is the first floating hotel in the Sultanate located at Duqm Port. It is owned and managed by Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Oman LLC. This hotel is a leading investment project in Duqm region and is expected to attract both business guests and tourists as it has all the facilities needed by visitors to the new industrial hub of the Sultanate. We are delighted with the efforts of Omantel team to provide the hotel with all the required telecom services, which would enable us to communicate with the outside world. These telecom services, especially leased internet lines as well as fixed and mobile telephony, are some of the important needs for any investment project.”

Meanwhile, Manager of Industrial Sector Sales in the Corporate Business Unit at Omantel Salim Said Al-Fudhaili said, “We are delighted to complete this project that enabled linking the Duqm Floating Hotel ’Veronica’ with the main telecom network. This is the first project of its kind in the Sultanate which shows the capability of Omantel teams in providing telecom services even if they require special technical knowledge”.

Mr. Al- Fudhaili added, “Duqm region is ripe for mega economic projects, and it is expected to see great development during the next stage thanks to the encouragement and facilities provided by the rightly guided government for the development of this region, which is located in the middle of the Sultanate and boasts a unique geographic location in the Arabian Sea. The Duqm Floating Hotel ’Veronica’ is one of the innovative investments in the Sultanate. It aims at providing quick and practical solutions to the growing demand for hotel accommodation and amenities. There is no doubt that a project of this size requires superior telecom infrastructure as is the case with other hotels in land. I should note here that the technical experience and know-how of Omantel teams facilitated the implementation of connecting the hotel with the main telecom network and with the outside world in a record short time.”

Demand for the diverse range of corporate communication solutions Omantel offers is continuing to rise as private and public sector organizations seek state of the art telecommunications solutions to run their business. Omantel continues to be the trusted telecommunications advisor and partner to a variety of clients across industries offering a full range of telecommunication solutions based on its extensive knowledge and long experience.

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