Omantel offers cost effective web hosting service for medium & small companies in Oman

Omantel Business, the corporate business arm of Omantel, is offering highly effective and value for money web hosting services designed to help business owners on low budgets to enjoy the benefits of having their own website.
As a division committed to helping the business community, Omantel Business has established its web hosting facility to help business owners enjoy enhanced productivity and efficiency by establishing themselves on the internet with the secured Omantel Infrastructure.

Omantel Business provides companies with a high quality service includes fast, reliable and secure servers with feature-rich hosting package including free domain name and free mailboxes that have an Anti Virus & Anti Spam solutions.
The Webhosting service from Omantel is also a cost effective solution with plans starting from RO 8 to RO 30 per month depending on the scope and storage and data transfer required by the business – and the service is available in three attractive packages.

Musab Al Haddabi, Product Manager of the Product Development Department of Omantel Business said: “Today, Omantel is the preferred choice for local business websites hosting as it is secured and provides round the clock support for the business owners and help them to register their own web address and show them how to create and establish their own website in just a few minutes using the easy to follow Omantel tutorial.”

Omantel Business guarantees the safety and security of the hosted websites through firewalls which are able to safeguard sensitive information and provide shared SSL certificates and encryption. The hosted Websites can also be backed up in different geographic locations as well.

Mr. Al Haddabi added: “Security measures are implemented proactively at Omantel’s webhosting servers, unlike other Web Hosting companies where these measures are not taken into consideration. We have implemented in-house measures that ensure security of all our servers in order to ensure continuous operation, highest service performance, reliability and data integrity and full Data backups are conducted daily to prevent data loss”.

“SSL certificates are also included to ensure secured connectivity for uploading website content with up to unlimited data transfer. The Webhosting service includes free Emails that are secured using state-of-the-art anti-spam/ anti-virus solution against external harmful threats.”

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