Omantel signs agreement to introduce new express cable system from Europe to Oman

Omantel has signed a memorandum of understanding with three other international telecommunications companies to establish a consortium that will provide a new express cable system linking Frankfurt in Europe to Oman via Russia and Iran.

The company has agreed a partnership with UK based Cable & Wireless, Rostelcom from Russia and the Telecommunications Infrastructure Company of Iran to develop a new high capacity low latency international telecommunication facility between Frankfurt in Germany and the EIG cable landing station in Oman.

It is anticipated that the new cable system will be ready for service in May 2012 with work commencing on the development – that will be a mix of terrestrial and underwater cable elements – in May this year.

The announcement is the latest from Omantel as the company strengthens its position and role as a “Carrier of Carriers” and providing a gateway for global cable companies to bring their telecommunications networks into the region.

Oman’s superb geographical location makes it the ideal entry point for global submarine cable systems to land in the Sultanate and benefit from Omantel’s landing stations to connect into the wider Middle East region.

The submarine cable business and landing stations are managed by Omantel’s Wholesale Business Unit who operates internationally with the world’s leading submarine cable operators.

Abdulrahim Al-Bahlani General Manager of Business Relations Division in the wholesale unit says: “We are very proud to have signed a new agreement that will bring another exciting cable project through Oman to the region.  Omantel is now recognized as an international player in this area of telecommunications and we are delighted to be part of such a strong international consortium comprising major telecoms companies from the UK, Russia and Iran.

“This new Europe Persia Express Gateway (EPEG) system will start in Frankfurt in Germany and ultimately connect to our existing EIG (Europe-India Gateway) that we already have in operation from Blue City here in the Sultanate. He continued to say that this system is unique since it is taking a different route from that taken by most cables through Egypt and Mediterranean Sea.  This will provide real resilience with completely alternative routes.”

There are now a number of major international submarine cable systems that land in Oman and are part of systems totaling over 100,000km of cable connecting nations around the world from China, Australia, Europe and the Americas through a number of landing sites.

A major benefit of the number of landing sites is the ability for global data content providers – for internet and other services – to partner with Omantel to deliver data far more quickly and effectively to the regional customers. This will make it much more economical for the regional operators to access information and to purchase telecom services.

Omantel has developed a strong position as the “Carrier of Carriers” that is recognized internationally by submarine cable operators ensuring that Oman’s unique location can help connect it to the world be it to Europe, North America, Asia or Africa.

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