Omnitele Benchmarks Quality of Mobile Services for Fingrid

Fingrid, the electricity transmission system operator in Finland, contracted Omnitele to benchmark mobile network service quality in Fingrid’s electricity network nodes and their surroundings. Omnitele measures and analyses mobile voice and data services of all commercial operators’ GSM and UMTS networks, as well as the Finnish authorities’ VIRVE network (the nationwide TETRA network for mission critical communications). The campaign is conducted in 140 electricity network infrastructure locations spread over Finland: power plants, substations as well as Fingrid’s office premises. Omnitele furthermore identifies the required indoor coverage improvement solutions where needed.
“Mobile network coverage and quality are critical to us for both business performance and safety reasons. Our partner network is wide and all our partners have their own preferred mobile subscription providers. Thus we need to have a comprehensive understanding on the available and achievable network coverage of all mobile networks throughout our operation environment. To achieve this, we are confident to rely on Omnitele’s profound know-how in mobile network auditing and development. We look forward to have a lucrative project with Omnitele.”, states Matti Jalkanen, Adviser, Protection and Telecommunications from Fingrid
“Well performing mobile services are critical for any business today, in this sense Fingrid is not an exception. The Fingrid case is however slightly more challenging than the typical scenario. The electricity stations are mostly located in the outbacks of Finland and not in the central business districts where the mobile coverage is generally good. Fingrid offers us an interesting challenge to truly assess what the mobile operators are made of when it comes to the most remote rural areas of Finland. We are proud to take the challenge and we look forward to provide Fingrid with tangible results that truly support their business objectives.”, comments Mikko Valtonen, Manager, Business Development from Omnitele