Ooredoo acquires LTE (4G) 800/2600 MHz spectrum to bring great new benefits to customers

Ooredoo, acquires, LTE 4G, 800/2600, MHz, spectrum, to, bring, great, new, benefits, to, customers, ooredoo, logoOoredoo has acquired additional LTE (4G) spectrum, at a cost of OMR 9.6 million, which will significantly boost their 4G network capabilities. The 800/2600 spectrum acquisition is funded out of the Company’s operating cashflow and will bring better indoor coverage to customers as well as significantly faster download speeds for those wanting to access movies, games, music and much more.

This spectrum addition fits well with Ooredoo’s network modernisation strategy, which has paved the way for this new frequency and capacity to be added seamlessly. Bringing state-of-the-art service quality, this latest boost will bring unparalleled benefits to customers and significantly enhance Ooredoo’s already award-winning customer experience. It also provides an enhancement to Ooredoo’s extensive network modernisation programme, which has been underway for the last three years.

Ooredoo, acquires, LTE 4G, 800/2600, MHz, spectrum, to, bring, great, new, benefits, to, customers, greg, young, chief, executive, officer, orredoo, oman

Greg Young

As part of this acquisition Ooredoo have worked closely with the TRA to design a solution that brings national benefits though the planned expansion of our network into new locations, with a focus on providing coverage to more remote areas of the Sultanate. These investments will deliver social benefit to all regions of Oman and Ooredoo is extremely proud of the way it has collaborated with the government in designing and delivering these services to more isolated communities.

Speaking on the acquisition, CEO of Ooredoo, Greg Young, said “One of our aims is to provide innovative and best-in-industry technology and servicesto our customers. This new spectrum will significantly boost indoor 4G coverage and enable its cost effective and faster expansion outside of city areas. Our customers will be able to use 4G in many more areas and benefit from higher data speeds. With this, we will be providing a whole new online experience.”

“We have also driven the expansion of services into remote communities and played a leading role in expanding telecommunication services into rural areas. We look forwarding to continuing to change the telecommunication landscape in these regions.”

Ooredoo have already been showcasing their 4.5G technology at the Salalah Festival this year, where speeds of up to 200 Mbps have been demonstrated.

Young also added “This additional investment future-proofs our network investment with the necessary spectrum to underpin cost effective capacity increases to keep pace with accelerating 4G demand, and the introduction of 4.5G will deliver an even faster user experience.”