Orange Jordan inaugurates a new Data Center, set to be the most advanced in the Region

Orange Jordan inaugurates a new Data Center, set to be the most advanced in the RegionUnder the patronage of the Minister of Information and Communications Technology Dr. Azzam Slait, Orange Jordan inaugurated a new Data Center within its Marj Al Hamam building.

At a conference held prior to the ceremony, Orange Jordan announced that the new Data Center will be offering services similar to those provided by Hashem Station. More specifically, the center, set up in compliance with international standards, will be contributing to Orange Jordan’s core network. It will provide full availability of network and internet services in addition to offering a wide variety of hosting services for Orange Jordan’s Enterprise Customers. Those services meet clients’ technical needs for best network and disaster recovery solutions along with high levels of security.

Dr Slait affirmed that the new center is a notable achievement for the Kingdom’s telecommunication sector at large. On the one hand, it serves to support the network infrastructure; while on the other hand, it enables the sector to effectively serve all economic segments in Jordan, thus propelling the Kingdom into a new era where it is recognized as the regional information technology and communication hub. He further added that Orange Jordan had always played a pivotal role in developing the sector, and that it had always been a pioneering provider of integrated communication services for citizens and organizations across all market segments.

He further added that internet services have been witnessing a significant rise in demand in Jordan from both individuals and corporations and the center addresses this rising demand, along with the wider spread of internet use, the development of online applications, and the increasing popularity of cloud computing, as they in line with the highest international standards of operational excellence. The center will serve to eliminate the disconnection of internet services, and thus it will maintain connectivity across all sectors in the Jordanian market.

The newly-established Data Center will also provide ongoing energy resources which utilize built-in stored energy suited for emergency use. Within these developments, the center also adheres to the highest standards of data security.

Commenting on the new launch, CEO of Orange Jordan Jean-Francois Thomas said, “The opening of this center is one that falls in line with Orange Jordan’s vision for transforming the Kingdom into a regional hub for telecommunication and information technology.”

He further explained that the company’s investment in this center and its infrastructure is in line with its strategy to sustain its pioneering status while generating more revenues from non-traditional resources like data.

Mr. Thomas concluded that the center will work to accommodate for the ongoing volume growth in internet data transfer and capacity, thus accounting for the growing base of internet users across the Kingdom.

It is worth noting that Orange Jordan is the leading provider of integrated telecommunications solutions. Serving its client base of over 4 million subscribers, it provides a wide range of fixed, internet, mobile, data, and corporate networking solutions, all complying with the different communication needs of varying sectors across the Kingdom.

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