Nayla Khawam

Orange Jordan launches ‘Emtiyaz’ programme, seeks to improve customer satisfaction

Orange Jordan recently held a media roundtable to announce the launch of the company’s groundbreaking Emtiyaz programme, which seeks to enhance customer satisfaction throughout the company’s operations.

The roundtable, headed by Orange Jordan’s CEO Nayla Khawam, took place on the 2nd of October at Jordan Telecom Headquarters and brought together representatives of various key local media.

Mrs. Khawam introduced the commitments that Emtiyaz programme is based on, which aims at achieving excellence. Some of these commitments are to provide diverse and comprehensive telecom services by continuously utilizing the most advanced and innovative global technologies, and the commitment of providing transparency to help selecting the best offer that suits the customer needs through the tariff advisor. Other commitments are to offer safer Internet to the society through the parental control service and repair Internet ADSL and fixed line faults within a maximum of 3 working days of reporting the fault.

The Emtiyaz programme will work towards improving customer satisfaction at various customer touch points, including: Orange shops, call centres, network, complaints management across all channels. A major tenet of Emtiyaz is the value of the voice of the customer which will be captured immediately from interactions between the company’s staff and its customers. This feedback will be evaluated for further enhancement of the customer journey.

“The Emtiyaz programme comes to reaffirm Orange’s commitment to excellence in customer service,” commented Khawam. “Our main goal is to foster a customer-centric culture wherein employees pay clear attention to any feedback received by customers and where an integrated approach to service improvement will deliver lasting, positive results in this regard.”

Khawam emphasized, “With a main focus in mind; which is to achieve total customer satisfaction, we will continue to have our employees devoted to serving our customers, thus reflecting to the outside the intense pride and ownership of this lifetime culture of commitment.”

Several initiatives have been undertaken by Orange within each identified cluster of the programme. For example; at Orange shops, Orange intends to continue streamlining operations to minimize the waiting time, as well as efficient management of foot traffic within the shop, the quality of customer service and professional handling of complaints. Furthermore, with regards to its network, Orange intends to tackle several key issues, including ADSL service delivery and repairs, as well as performance of the IP network itself and service maintenance with a minimal number of interruptions.

The Emtiyaz programme is considered a far-reaching initiative that will vastly improve current customer satisfaction benchmarks at Orange Jordan. As the programme rolls out to the company’s various customer touch points, it is expected to generate tangible improvements within the coming few months.

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