Orange Jordan takes the telecom services to the next level

Orange Jordan takes the telecom services to the next levelOrange Jordan recently announced that it is now offering to its subscribers very high internet speeds for the first time in the Kingdom. The company introduced Very High Bit Rate Digital Subscriber Line (VDSL) and Fiber to the Home (FTTH) services, thus presenting with this development a new milestone in the Kingdom’s communication landscape. The new service is launched exclusively by Orange to benefit the home users as well as entrepreneurs and SMEs alike, delivering unprecedented internet connection speeds reaching up to 100Mbps.

The new service launch was officially announced by the company during a press briefing it hosted on Sunday December 8th 2013. The event itself was attended by Orange Jordan’s CEO Jean-Francois Thomas, alongside several media representatives and technology field enthusiastic.

The new services present itself as a prominent enhancement to the regular ADSL internet solutions Orange has been offering to its subscribers to date, as VDSL connectivity promises a higher internet speed connection that can reach up to 80Mbps and upgrade to the ADSL’s 24Mbps, whereas FTTH solution which allow for the use of fiber optic cables, provides unprecedented transfer rate that can reach 100Mbps. The launch of such service in itself is a notable achievement for Orange Jordan.

On this occasion, Jean-Francois Thomas affirmed that the launch of such services will create a new internet experience for the company’s subscribers in Jordan, as the service’s availability falls in line with Orange Jordan’s positioning as a pioneering provider of communication services introduced for the first time to the Jordanian market.  In this regard, Orange Jordan has enjoyed a long track record of market firsts, as it was the first to offer double digit internet speed and the first to launch 3G+ network connectivity in Jordan, alongside other solutions like Orange Money, and Internet on TV with the VDSL and FTTH solutions making the latest additions to that list. 

The new services echo Orange Jordan’s commitments to providing its subscribers with access to the latest technology, as this resolve falls parallel to the company aims to make life easier for subscribers through digital advancement. Within its position as a market leader of digital technology, the company proves once again that “Life Changes with Orange” for the better, as Orange Jordan is more than a communication provider, rather it strives to constantly strengthen its position as an introducer of communication solutions relevant to the dynamically changing modern lifestyle demands.

The VDSL and FTTH solutions will support a wide range of services such as voice, video, data, HDTV and interactive gaming, thus giving their users a new experience of internet-based interaction as internet penetration in Jordan is estimated to be around 63% as of 2013 and there is plan to increase it to 85% by the end of 2017 as part of the ICT strategy. On the corporate front, the service will also prove to be useful, especially for SMEs as it will enable them to upload and download content relevant to their work at faster speeds. From another angle, the new service will also empower larger corporations, especially those managing a large content bulk, as it promises faster data transfer and consequently higher levels of business development.

Orange Jordan leverages on its advanced network capacities to bring new services to its subscribers. It benefits from its position as part of a global network to gain know-how, and inspiration to best suit its subscribers’ needs in Jordan. It gains its market edge by combining attributes of relevance, cost effectiveness, and technological advancement, to remain the leading choice amongst 4 million subscribers across the Kingdom, whereby it constantly renews its commitment to keeping them on par with their peers around the globe, especially when it comes to the communication solutions it makes available to them.

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