Orange launches geolocation SIM cards

Orange launches geolocation SIM cardsOrange Business Services, a global integrator of communications solutions for multinational corporations, is offering a new Machine to Machine (M2M) worldwide geolocation service on its M2M SIM cards.

The company has developed a M2M SIM card which provides real-time location tracking of corporate assets and equipment anywhere in the world via cellular networks, regardless of the operator. It can query remote SIM cards, collect geographic information and display their location on an actual map.

Moreover, the communicating devices do not require any software development or GPS hardware additions to enable geolocation.

For geolocation services, enterprises can choose either the turn-key version, accessible from the Orange Business Services M2M web portal (including its SIM card location-mapped interface), or an application programming interface (API) option to be further integrated in its IT environment.

The worldwide geolocation service can remotely query the SIM card in less than a minute and determine:

  • The country where the equipment is located and the network/operator to which it is connected;
  • The geographic location and position of the terminal (longitude/latitude);
  • The hardware identity via the SIM card’s IMEI (International mobile equipment identity);
  • The level of network signal.

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