Pay ‘à la Carte’ using your Smartphone!

Loyaltek, the company specialising in payment cards and terminals, first came to prominence two years ago by turning Belgium’s electronic identity card into a method of payment (IDPay) and by supplying the first Ping-Ping (Belgacom Group) micropayment terminals. Tomorrow, Loyaltek will present a major world first at the Cartes 2012 world trade show for the electronic payment industry in Paris by introducing the first accredited operating solution for processing transactions by debit card (with chip) using a pinpad connected directly to a Smartphone, tablet or portable PC.

While similar ergonomic solutions may already exist elsewhere, they are only able to accept credit cards. This is something of a paradox because the vast majority of face-to-face payments in a large number of countries are made using debit cards. For obvious security reasons, these EMV chipcards require a chip-and-PIN terminal certified to process transactions based on the card’s chip and PIN code. This presents a technological hurdle that needs to be overcome when going to full mobile mode – something that Loyaltek’s 8000+ terminal and pinpad have now achieved.

This innovative piece of technology is compatible with both debit cards and credit cards, as well as electronic meal vouchers. It enables a whole series of businesses finally to have access to electronic payment facilities – and the convenience, security and growth that go with it. The new terminal will be ideal for countless providers of home services (cleaning, homecare, meals, repairs, etc.), itinerant traders (markets, bric-à-brac sales, door-to-door, etc.), professionals (bailiffs, land assessors of all types, such as surveyors, etc.) and “micro-traders” wanting to accept payment by card but who only have a very small number of transactions to manage (small craftsmen, self-employed tradesmen, etc.). Finally, there are numerous other specific examples of how making payments will be made easier. These include paying the postman for small postal services, buying a ticket on board a train, or the immediate collection of fines by the police and other authorities.

The Loyaltek 8000+ pinpad uses the battery and connectivity of the Smartphone, tablet or PC. This means it does not require any special maintenance (no battery to keep charged or GPRS subscription) and starts operating as soon as the Smartphone is switched on. The payment receipt is sent to the customer by SMS or e-mail. Finally, the pinpad can be connected to all kinds of hosts, enabling users to use it with their tablet device at home, PC in the office or Smartphone on the move – all at no additional cost.

“In addition to their lack of flexibility and poor ergonomics, the main complaint that many small traders have about current payment terminals is their price,” concludes Robert Masse, General Manager of Loyaltek. “So we had the dual task of innovating in both hardware and services so that we could develop a catch-all solution that enables our customers to benefit from pricing levels that are not only low, but also suit their specific usage.”

The pinpad currently operates with PC Windows and Smartphones and Android v3+ tablets. Other versions are planned for release in the very short term.