PCCW Global is first in the world to obtain MEF CE 2.0 and 10GE network certification

PCCW Global is first in the world to obtain MEF CE 2.0 and 10GE network certificationAccreditation achievement includes the world’s first certification of all 8 Carrier Ethernet service types

PCCW Global, the Hong Kong-headquartered international telecommunications division of HKT, has become the first carrier in the world to be granted international MEF CE 2.0 certification for global services that cross continental boundaries, as well as the first carrier to certify its 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GE) network service. In addition, a number of PCCW Global’s technical experts have been accredited with the very latest MEF-CECP 2.0 certification from the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), the global defining body for Carrier Ethernet.

The news adds significant weight to PCCW Global’s stated commitment to meeting rigorous CE 2.0 performance qualifications, as well as the continuous development of the operator’s internationally acclaimed Carrier Ethernet service capabilities.

This accreditation achievement, which includes the world’s first certification of all eight Carrier Ethernet service types, follows PCCW Global winning the MEF’s “Best Global Wholesale Ethernet Service Award” last November. MEF President Mr. Nan Chen congratulated PCCW Global on an outstanding contribution to the industry and delivery of innovative Carrier Ethernet solutions to customers around the world.

Mr. Jordick Wong, PCCW Global’s Senior Vice President of Product and Vendor Management, said, “Ethernet is becoming the technology of choice for many enterprises looking to extend LANs internationally without the hassle and cost of investing in multiple interface types at the customer premise. We are enriching our Ethernet offering to customers globally by providing them with a fully-managed carrier-class solution. It is essential that PCCW Global continuously upgrades its service standards and ability to support the latest voice, data and video applications worldwide.”

MEF CE 2.0 has broadened the scope of CE 1.0 by adding standardized class-of-service management definitions, multi-site connectivity and inter-carrier services. In addition, CE 2.0 has introduced standardized Carrier Ethernet service management capabilities. These new standards enable carriers to streamline the establishment of external network-to-network interconnections, while improving service coverage, administration and fault management across large geographies. Other improvements include optimization of global services and the ability to offer scalability with consistent and predictable performance.

The 10GE standard is fully interoperable with existing Ethernet protocols. As demand for speed increases, cost-effective 10GE technology can be deployed within existing networks to support high-speed, low-latency requirements. This provides customers with a number of key operational benefits such as lower switch or router set-up costs, a full bandwidth advantage when carrying bursty traffic to ensure quality of service, and bandwidth headroom for traffic diversity and rerouting.

Industry leaders and experts have developed MEF-CECP certification to identify Carrier Ethernet expertise within organizations. As the industry’s first vendor-neutral certification program, MEF-CECP warrants that those attaining this rigorous certification have the competency to design, market, deploy, operate and support the Carrier Ethernet equipment, networks and services that represent the next generation of telecoms technology.

MEF is a global industry alliance comprising more than 220 organizations including telecoms service providers, cable multiple-system operators, network equipment and software manufacturers, semiconductor vendors and testing.

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