PCCW Solutions wins MTR contract to provide Engineering Work and Traffic Information Management System

PCCW Solutions, a subsidiary of Hong Kong’s premier telecommunications provider, PCCW Limited, has been awarded a contract by the MTR Corporation to design, develop and implement a new Engineering Work and Traffic Information Management System (ETMS).

The MTR network is one of the most heavily utilized mass transit systems in the world. The ability to maintain high service quality standards depends on adequate and necessary engineering works being performed in a timely manner. A new ETMS is crucial to support the planning of engineering works for the extensive MTR network which includes nine heavy rail commuter lines, the Airport Express and the Light Rail system.

Riding on the award-winning Artificial Intelligent Engine developed by Dr. Andy Chun, the Chief Information Officer for the City University of Hong Kong, the new ETMS built by PCCW Solutions will manage the complex matrix of railway maintenance and project work required to be undertaken each night. It is an intelligent workflow system for engineering work planning and scheduling and will maximize the number of repair jobs done within the small overnight maintenance window of only three to four hours while ensuring operational safety and the use of resources.

The ETMS is a web-based Rich Internet Application that utilizes the innovative Web 2.0 techniques. PCCW Solutions will build a highly user-friendly environment with interactive platform and user-interface, aiming to enhance collaboration of ETMS users.

“ETMS is much more than a software application,” said Mr. Daniel Lai, Head of Information Technology of MTR Corporation. “ETMS is an IT solution that uses advance information technology and encapsulates MTR’s expertise, experience and best practice and effective processes in railway engineering planning and scheduling.”

Mr. George Fok, Managing Director of PCCW Solutions, said, “PCCW Solutions is committed to providing the best-in-class IT services and innovative technologies to help our customers achieve business objectives. When designing the new ETMS, our goal is to help MTR leverage the state-of-the-art technologies to streamline workflow, optimize resource utilization and maximize the quality of passenger train service.”

Prior to this project, PCCW Solutions has successfully developed mission critical applications for MTR such as the RailASSURE, a railway asset management system to support MTR’s operation in China.

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