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PCCW Solutions launches Infinitum cloud suite to support enterprise digital transformation

"PCCW Solutions launches Infinitum cloud suite to support enterprise digital transformation"PCCW Solutions, the IT services flagship of PCCW Limited, launches Infinitum cloud suite comprised of a comprehensive range of enterprise business applications, and digital and analytics solutions, enabling customers to undertake digital transformation journeys.

HKT, as a cloud partner of PCCW Solutions in Hong Kong, will jointly deliver integrated solutions and values to end customers. HKT customers will be among the first to benefit from the comprehensive cloud solutions offered by Infinitum.

Mr. Ramez Younan, Managing Director of PCCW Solutions, said, “PCCW Solutions is committed to supporting enterprises in Hong Kong, mainland China and ASEAN. Today we launch Infinitum, a scalable, cost-effective cloud solutions suite. This platform enables our customers to move their back-office applications to the cloud and focus on innovation of their products and services, while also applying our Infinitum industry-specific digital solutions to boost their customers’ experience and thus their own demand generation.”

Infinitum’s enterprise business applications consist of back-office applications, front-office applications and business processes that can be delivered as a service. These applications lower the total cost of ownership for enterprise customers while significantly reducing the time to set up the applications when compared to on-premise options.

Digital solutions on Infinitum are a portfolio of industry-specific as well as domain agnostic functional solutions, which are designed to deliver an integrated customer journey for enterprises.

Infinitum also supports business data analytics to be delivered to customers as a service. Through advisory and integration services, PCCW Solutions can rapidly integrate numerous sources of business data into the cloud analytics platforms. This analyzed data, as well as predictive analysis rendered in real time, becomes a vital tool for enterprises to make strategic and tactical business decisions.

PCCW Solutions has also extended the Infinitum to the mainland China market. As announced at the PCCW Solutions Forum in Beijing on November 26, China Unicom will soon provide a series of cloud offerings, powered by Infinitum, to its extensive customer networks.